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true macd vs mt4 macd

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I know this was discussed before but I wanted to ask about the macd indicator included in mt4
I clearly see the indicator does not display the crosses at the same locations as the typical macd indicators in all other charts.
I understand there have been truemacd replacements for this but wondered why ?
MT4 macd can be set to display on close,open,low,high and other settings.

What should the typical setting be ?

So the question is can the macd included with MT4 be adjusted to display the typical or true macd ? and if so what are the settings ?



All use macd = MA(fast) - MA(slow) and signal = MA(macd)

mt4 uses EMA(f/s, appliedPrice) and SMA(macd) others may allow different types of MAs

mt4 displays two lines macd/signal. Some display a histogram of macd instead of a line and others display the two lines and a histogram of the difference.

If you want to verify the difference between mt4's macd and "truemacd" You have to POST THE CODE, or a link - There are no mind readers here.

MACD - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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