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Please correct and compile this simple custom indicator program -email me to see what benefits it may afford you with forex trading

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timhine 2013.12.15 11:29 

As a newbie with MQL4 I feel that I am wasting time trying to correct and compile a relatively small and simple custom indicator progam when it should be a quick task for someone with experience in MQL4 programming.

I genuinely feel that it will be very useful to run this program so as to get warnings when there is a good forex trading opportunity with a currency pair in which the program conditions are taking place.

As a disability pensioner livng in Sydney I only have $300 AUD to trade with and I cannot afford to pay for this to be done - but please investigate and use it with your own forex trading to good benefit - I say this after conclusive research and positive results.

If interested please email me at for info on the program's benefits with regards forex trading - which I strongly feel will prove to be very good!

whroeder1 2013.12.15 12:53  

Please correct and compile this

juniorlcq has the same problem as you
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