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MTF MACD do not refresh automatically

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Elo 2013.12.05 16:17 
Hi Guys,

I have faced with an issue - MTF MACD indicator (for H1 period) on M5 period chart do not refresh its values automatically when new bar has closed. It draw different values for every lower TF bar. The value of the high level bar has to be one and the same for all lower TF bars and has to be recalculated every time intil the High level bar has closed. I have marked in red rectangle the values which are after I pressed Refresh on the chart. Before that point the values were correct.

How this can be fixed within the indicator's code ?

whroeder1 2013.12.05 17:00  
  1.   if (Time[i]<TimeArray[y]) y++;
    This fails when there are missing bars in TimeFrame chart. Use while not if. This is why I recommend not using the ArrayCopySeries but iBarShift.
          y = iBarShift(NULL, timeframe, Time[i]);

  2. You want to repaint all TimeFrame bar zero values
    // for(i=0,y=0;i<limit;i++)
       for(i=0,y=0;i<limit || y == 0;i++)
Elo 2013.12.05 22:49  
Thank you WHRoeder, now it is working fine.
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