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time out's all of a sudden

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DrZogg 2013.11.25 23:03 

I've been testing code for months now, just letting it run. Must be on month 7 already. Was rock solid, then in the last week I've suddenly developed "terminated by timeout" issues. Didn't change anything my side.

Anyone else having issues ?

whroeder1 2013.11.25 23:08  
  1. Just because you haven't seen the problem before doesn't mean it didn't exist. Don't have to change anything, just come up with a set of conditions.
  2. Terminated by timeout - must be an indicator problem as EAs don't time out. Perhaps you should have posted some of the log.
  3. Stop out - is a margin call in the tester - different problem.
DrZogg 2013.11.25 23:35  

This is a fairly typical:

17:16:38 EURUSDm,H1: loaded successfully
17:16:43 EURUSDm,H1: shutdown by timeout
17:16:43 EURUSDm,H1: uninit reason 1

17:16:43 EURUSDm,H1: removed

What I do to get it restarted is change the chart as I did here. Thing is I don't have infinite loops in my code. For some reason the server is not replying, so I receive no error codes either. So it just stops working.

DrZogg 2013.11.26 05:03  

Thanks, I did see those this morning. I guess I'll write the IsStopped into my code, just wondering why it's acting up all of a sudden.

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