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New article: Creating Neural Network EAs Using MQL5 Wizard and Hlaiman EA Generator

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2013.09.19 08:31 

New article Creating Neural Network EAs Using MQL5 Wizard and Hlaiman EA Generator is published at

The article describes a method of automated creation of neural network EAs using MQL5 Wizard and Hlaiman EA Generator. It shows you how you can easily start working with neural networks, without having to learn the entire body of theoretical information and writing your own code.

Virtually every trader knows about the existence of neural networks. But for the majority of them it remains a black box, with the only things known being the ability of neural networks to recognize patterns, produce associative search for solutions and learn, as well as the fact that they can be effective in predicting the market behavior and in automated trading. Many sources of information that focus on the application of neural networks often speak about their difficulty, emphasizing that one has to devote a great deal of time and effort to learn this subject well and be able to use neural networks in the future.

This article aims at refuting these arguments and proving that advanced automation methods enable traders to have an easy start with neural networks and avoid the lengthy learning process. There is nothing difficult in getting your own experience with neural networks. It is certainly easier than technical analysis.

With this in view, we will describe a method of automatic generation of neural network EAs for MetaTrader 5 using the MQL5 Wizard and Hlaiman EA Generator.

The choice of tools to solve the task at hand is far from being random:

  1. MQL5 Wizard is an efficient and the fastest mechanism of automatic MQL5 code generation to date that allows you to scale the generated code using additional modules.
  2. Hlaiman EA Generator is a neural network engine with a flexible mechanism of object integration, programmable directly in the MQL5 code of an Expert Advisor.

The abbreviation 'EA' has been added to the name of the Expert Advisor intentionally as humanlike properties associated with recognition and learning are predominant in a neural network EA unlike in other cases where the use of 'EA' in a name is often misleading and does not reflect the true nature of things.

Author: Ivan Negreshniy

Ivan Negreshniy
Ivan Negreshniy 2015.01.27 10:35  

As mentioned in the article, information on neural network learning is stored separately from the original EAs MQL code in the appropriate data files that are downloaded advisers, when you start them in the strategy tester or on a chart.

Now Hlaiman EA Generator has the ability to convert any of such data files of neural networks in the source code of two separate MQL4 and MQL5 indicators that after compilation can be used on their own, such as manual trading in MT4, MT5 terminals or creating other EAs. 

Especially it can be important for users MT4, where as yet there is no option to directly run indicator in the tester.

Appearance and settings generated indicators are the same as in previously published in the Market, free indicators.

Ivan Negreshniy
Ivan Negreshniy 2015.01.27 10:35  
Now Hlaiman EA Genegator allows you to create advisors with integrated indicators, in Market exhibited free Hlaiman Multi Neural EA.
JD4 2015.07.05 02:26  
Ivan thank you 1, for making them (the indicator and the EA) available, 2, for making them free, and 3, for the article to help further people's understanding of ANNs.
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