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Programmatically open offline chart

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forexfan 2013.07.30 11:31 


how can I programmatically open an offline chart?

whroeder1 2013.07.30 12:17  
The source chart must be open, the generator must be running on it to generate ticks, before you can open the offline chart. You don't want to.
forexfan 2013.07.30 13:16  

Yes, I know about that.

I have the generator running and now I want the offline chart to be opened by a script, as described in for online charts,

where they search through "symbols.sel" to find the position of the symbol to be opened.

How do I do that for offline charts?

I won't find them in "symbols.sel".

Ex Ovo Omnia
Ex Ovo Omnia 2013.07.30 17:00  

They are not in symbol.sel.

You need to open the offline charts list, then to navigate to its appropriate line.

I haven't tried, but there is a promissing constant mentioned in PostMessageA description: 33053 - открывает список Offline-графиков

The correct line could be guessed by reading the chart files list in a history folder.

If you plan to code it, please drop a message here if you succeeded.

qjol 2014.01.27 23:15  

hrenfx was kind enough and did it 3 years ago

tnx for hrenfx

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