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Market watch tab is highlighted red?

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motzworkman 2013.10.15 00:10 

Hi everyone,

I am quite new to using meta trader and after extensively looking for solutions through trial and error as well as spending a lot of time scrolling through help pages. I couldn't find anything directly linked to these problems. so here goes...

Like i said im very new to forex trading so please forgive me if this is a silly question!!

I was wondering, the market watch tab i have highlighted red in the attachment, is this supposed to be like this? It has been like it (i think) from the start but i have seen other accounts where it is just normal white?? just wondering if it has any hidden implications! cheers!

Also, second problem, I have been testing out how to subscribe to signals on meta trader 4 and after connection and trades happening, i look at my joarnal and it has these erroe messages???!!! (highlighted bottom left in attachment!)

''Signal - different specification of symbol AUD JPY differ, signal provider has volume step 0.01, subscriber has 0.10''

And the list continues for the day of trade just changing in currencies! 

Help would be greatly appreciated as i seem to be stuck with no way of moving forwards!

Thanks ever so much!

anybody know what they mean???!

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Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2013.10.15 11:15  
  • There is no problem with your Market Watch, the colors are chosen by the broker.
  • If you want to subscribe to a signal you have to choose a broker and an account who gives the same trading condition as the provider.
  • Please note that this forum is about MT5/mql5, and you can better post your question for MT4 on forum.
MQL4: automated trading forum
MQL4: automated trading forum
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