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858.282,5% in last 2 years...only in backtesting with 99% of modeling quality... I GIVE UP! (source code included)

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Daniel Vieira Costa
Daniel Vieira Costa  

Hello guys..

It's only a toy.. works only on MT4 backtesting, don't work on live account ( I mean, it isn't profitable like backtesting).

It's based on renko ( I don't know it it's renko or mt4 that don't work../is crappy)...

TP = 30 pips

SL = variable (based on ATR.. but around 12 pips); 

I AM HERE TO SAVE YOUR TIME! Do not waste hours coding scalpers...

1) Chart without compounding (2011/2013)


 2) Monte Carlo -day end return (weekly)


 3) Monte Carlo - worst day ent return (weekly)


4) Result  compounding (2011/2013)


 It's all guys... enjoy it on backtesting...


PS: Getting the source code, you do not have right for selling it (for bullshit/ea sellers)

Chunyong Guo
Chunyong Guo  
Is there any forward testing?
  1.     bool isThereMoreThanDefaulLot()
        double LotsOptimized()
        bool lastTradeWasBad()
        void virtualTP()
    double getAllProfitFiltered(int magic=-1, string comment=""){
    You assume history is ordered by date, it's not. Could EA Really Live By Order_History Alone? (ubzen) - MQL4 forum
  2. void fechaPosicoes(int tipo){
       if (tipo==OP_BUY) while (getTotalOrdemByType(OP_BUY) > 0){
          for (int i = 0; i<OrdersTotal(); i++) if(
             OrderSelect(i, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES)
          && OrderType()== tipo
          && OrderMagicNumber() == MagicNumber
          && OrderSymbol() == Symbol()
                      if (OrderClose(OrderTicket(),OrderLots(), NormalizeDouble(Bid, Digits),0,Blue) == false)
    In the presence of multiple orders (one EA multiple charts, multiple EA's, manual trading) This would eliminate the need for a double loop.
  3. No need to check OrderType for closing. Just use OrderClosePrice.
  4. No need to normalize Bid, it already is.
    Do NOT use NormalizeDouble, EVER. For ANY Reason. It's a kludge, don't use it. It's use is always wrong

  5. if(losses>=1 && UseRecover)
          _lot=(biggerLotTraded * Multiplier);
    Martingale, guaranteed to blow you account eventually.!keyword=martingale&module=mql5_module_forum
  6. double FindLastBuyPrice(int mn) {
       for (int cnt = OrdersTotal() - 1; cnt >= 0; cnt--) {
          OrderSelect(cnt, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES);
    double FindLastSellPrice(int mn) {)
    double getAllProfitFiltered(int magic=-1, string comment=""){
    Check your return codes What are Function return values ? How do I use them ? - MQL4 forum and Common Errors in MQL4 Programs and How to Avoid Them - MQL4 Articles
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