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it's exactly what I'm working on at the moment, just have the EA any needed order to stand ready as a pending order far away from current market quotes. Time difference between ordersend and ordermodify entryprice operations seems tiny from what I can read on the net. Will test it myself next week.

By the way, before you came up with this info, this was my solution:

-have the EA detect a stuck order

-have the EA restart MT4 all together

It works, but not a nice solution obviously.


yes, it's clumsy. i didn't wanted to suggest it to you.

on a quick connection from a dedicated server you can have a round-turn of 50 ms.

Filippo La Spina  


I have a similar problem in EA backtest in MT5 at Stocks.

If the long position is in profit, the trailing stop is triggered and is visible as a line on the chart, so as always, the position with the stop is also visually protected (see image). When the price goes down, it goes through the stop level, the stop turns yellow and the long position is not closed at all even though the stop is there. It doesn't happen for all stocks and it's independent of decimals. Do you know why this is happening?

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