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Labeling Trend Lines

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Paul Anscombe
Paul Anscombe 2013.10.11 13:43 

I am placing multiple trend lines on a chart via an EA using OBJ_TREND and I want the lines to have a text lablel.

I can get a text label by using the OBJPROP_TEXT but there is no control over where this goes it simply goes to the beginning of the trend line position.

I want the text label to be at the end of the trend line position ie: to the right hand side but this appears to be impossible to achieve. I thought I could do it by having the start price/time being the right hand end but then the text is upside down..

 So it seems to me that the only way to get a text label on the line is to create a second object OBJ_TEXT just to label the line which seems a bit crazy and causing unnecessary graphical object handling.

Am I wrong is there another way to label a trend line at the end instead of the beginning of the line?



edit: the same appears to be for horizontal lines, the text description appears to the left of the chart. 

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