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MetaTrader4 and Google Chrome Operating system

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Jim Contant
Jim Contant 2013.05.19 04:22 

For my portable Laptop I am using an older HP netbook with Windows XP. I DO have a new HP Envy 15" Full size Laptop in

addition to the netbook. It is time to update and what I am looking at and like is the Samsung 11.4" Chromebook.

My concern is not the Google Chrome Web browser . It is the Chrome Operating system. My question is will the MetaTrader4

Install and work on this thing? I am using MBTrading right now for the MT4 Platform . I have another acct. with FXCM with their

own TradeStation. 




Ubzen 2013.05.19 07:37  
David Vargas
David Vargas 2015.06.18 07:04  
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