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gangsta1 2013.05.12 13:50 

OK, so having spent weeks messing around with different data and getting different results, I think I have found a good way to test my open prices only (once per bar) EA. Please note that I do not believe I need tick data for this testing as it only works on m15 open bar prices, once per bar.

Step1: Download JForex Dukascopy platform and login to demo account.

Step2: Choose currency pair and download 10 years of 1 minute data as hst file.

Step3: Import 1min hst data from Dukascopy into mt4 and convert to all timeframes.

Step4: Backtest and get 90% modelling quality that is suitable for an EA using open prices of m15 bars and is not concerned with ticks in the m1 (which is what 99% mod quality is for).

I believe this is the simplest and easiest method I have found without the gaps and unreliability of the meta quotes bog standard data.

Any opinions? I really dont want to waste any more time testing with crappy data! Let me know if I am missing something, I can post a guide & screenshots if anyone is interested....

Ubzen 2013.05.12 14:27  
Asked before and answered.
barauskasjustin 2014.10.18 16:09  

Ok, I am trying to do that aswell but how to you covert that jforex hst data into mt4- so that the strategy tester works!!!???

simply renaming the file works for my charts,!! ok

 but for some reason the strategy tester doesn't work, maybe its because of the recent mt4 updates?

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2014.10.18 16:19  
google for Birt's Earview and Tickstory light - there you find all the explanations you need!
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