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Does anyone make any money out of auto trading?? - page 4

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result generated in every strategy is a combination of the following elements:


1. win/loss ratio

2. risk/reward ratio

3. turnover rate


On the other hand, trading is not a zero-sum game but negative-sum game because there is trading cost there like spread and interest.  Also, it is an estimation that only 5-10% get consistant profit from the remaining in the game.  In fact, it is easy to understand that if most people can develop successful strategy, the market will corrupt because there will be no enough money for them to gain.


Regarding to your question, yes.  I saw them before.  It is no doubt that there are excellent and successful strategies everywhere in the world.  However, talking about rubbish strategies, there are countless.

Neeraj Tanwar
Neeraj Tanwar  

Hey raghu,

Your indicator looks great, and yes I think you are on the right track by creating your own custom indicator. Its easier to know what to tweak and also a great feeling to know that you developed it yourself. 

   You can also create one if you are a good programmer. My Indicator is Worlds First 4 color indicator. Every color indicates something which I can decode using color combinations. Here is latest chart of EURJPY.


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