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Simon Gniadkowski
Simon Gniadkowski 2012.11.11 19:55  

i try to follow the linked page "" but i got this page error....

404 The page you have requested does not exist

Please check the path for errors and try again or use search page

That is not the correct link,  this is the correct link:   or if you just wan to copy and paste the link it is this:
Tsering Dawa Lama
Tsering Dawa Lama 2014.06.07 12:11  

Your code does this . . .

 . . .  so it doesn't matter what your Broker calls the symbols . . .  unless the problem is parts of your code you haven't shown.


hi RaptorUk,

i need your help pls. i have been googling for the last many days to find a general mt4 code to enable my ea to trade symbols with suffix but without success.

help me please.

SYED NAUFAL GADDAFI 2014.06.07 13:16  
Please show us your code and we will help you if it is not of a trouble. Please use SRC (besides video camera) when posting codes.
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