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papito 2010.07.16 12:31 


By default, the SYMBOL_TRADE_EXEMODE on the EURUSD symbol is set to SYMBOL_TRADE_EXECUTION_INSTANT. I need to change it to SYMBOL_TRADE_EXECUTION_MARKET and I can't do that.

I have tried with this:


   long myMarketExecution = SYMBOL_TRADE_EXECUTION_MARKET;
   bool symbolMarketExecution = SymbolInfoInteger("EURUSD",SYMBOL_TRADE_EXEMODE,myMarketExecution);


after executing the previous two lines of code the bool variable symbolMarketExecution is true but SymbolInfoInteger("EURUSD",SYMBOL_TRADE_EXEMODE) is still SYMBOL_TRADE_EXECUTION_INSTANT.


Thanks to whoever will answer!

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