grid trading system as well as a scalping stradegy for EA

Simon Gniadkowski  

Hello guys

i have a good grid trading as well as scalping trading system which i want to make it as a EA i need some one who can help me to make it as a mql4 EA. let me know if anyone can help me out in this.

There is a group of people that want to help you, they will code whatever you ask of them: MT4 & MT5 coding, anything you need, we do it.

Here is the 1 year test report on my grid trader EA, imaginatively called Gridy.

that is some 5000+ trades. (and it loses since the profit factor is 0.87)

Now, consider this question. If the backtest consists of 1000+ trades, is anyone realistically going to have done that manually? The answer of course is NO. So the way that you can tell if a strategy is profitable over a large number of trades is to automate the testing. If that has not been done, the claim that the strategy is profitable is not entirely credible. If you then add on to this a poster who cannot spell strategy in their post title, even when the post editor has a built-in spell checker, and credibility settles out at an all time low.

That is not to say that you have not come up with a good strategy. If you have, good luck to you.

But every week there is somebody posting here to share their great idea in exchange for someone to help them code it. In order for such a scheme to be workable one would want to automate it and test in blocks of say 1 year, and shift the 1 year blocks in 1 month intervals to make sure the starting point is not a critical factor.


I tweaked Gridy a little ...

At least now it is profitable :-)

The profit factor of 98 is pretty meaningless, even over 3000 trades. The killer is the 30% relative drawdown. Even starting with MODE_MINLOT position size, the drawdown is still $39,000, requiring a massive account.

... and the main reason it was successful this time is that the number of simultaneous trades reached 200 and the EA shut down because the account limit for trades was reached! A happy coincidence.

chukwudi joshua obiekwe  

DABBLER you are a great useful guru who really mean well for traders. however your explanations are great, WHY because no matter how good a strategy may look the primary result is making money on the long term,and not good fillings of short trading result that do steer young and starting programmer loss their whole money or putting a long term failed strategies into sales and finally deceiving themselves and wasting other peoples money. i assume before any trading system is considered profitable their suppose to be a 3/4 years steady growth or profit without tweak. and

secondly to help product end users and reduce the rate of nonsense and failed ea flooding the market on sales. they suppose to be a (pass before sale or approval program), which to say these agency will play a roll of testing strategy of any assumed to sale eas before sales to reduce the rate of frustration in forex automatons and refund generally going on on forex automatons and to get all these young programmer to work.