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Strategy Tester question

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Ken McCormick
Ken McCormick 2013.09.15 04:30 

Can someone please tell me..I have looked in documentation, but I am not clear.

The inputs in the strategy tester. After the compilation and first test run,when making changes the inputs are

Variable?, Value?, Start? step?,and Stop?



Trailing stop,I want 20pips, Value?, Start? step?,and Stop?,Steps?

Take profit 20pips             Value?, Start? step?,and Stop?,Steps?

Price to execute deal?

Thresholds, open?close?

Is stop loss in "points" same as "pips"?

What are "steps"?


Jian Chen
Jian Chen 2013.09.15 05:26  

The MT5 terminal's help document has the information you need. Press F1 in the terminal to open the document, you'll find the information at "Client Terminal\Stragegy Tester\Inputs" area.

The "Start, Step, Stop, Steps" are used for optimization. If you don't perform optimization, you only need to care about the "Value" part. For example, you want to set TP to 20pips, just set "Value" to 20 and forget about the "Start, Step ...".

I attached a screenshot. FYR.

Screenshot - Client Terminal Help 

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2013.09.15 09:12  


What are "steps"?


You can also see the online documentation by using the search engine :
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