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Tester results tab disappear

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tektronic 2010.07.12 16:33 

When I test the MACD samples in the tester I can see and use the Results tab.

When I test my own EA the Results tab disappear. It is not visible. What's wrong ?

All other tabs appear, I can see the graf, and Journal but not the Results.

I only trade EURUSD but my EA checks other pairs like EURJPY, EURCAD. 


thank you. 

Alexey Petrov
Alexey Petrov 2010.07.12 16:49  
Did you wait till the end of testing? The Results tab appears as soon as testing is over.
tektronic 2010.07.12 17:01  

yes, I dont stop it. I am doing this tests since 3 hours now and never appeared, but on macd sample it appears.

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