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Indicator, calculate its values from a custom data file...

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Hello folks, I would like to know if I could get somehow a MA (or MACD, Momentum, RSI, CCI, etc.) indicator coordinates from an array of tuples with the following structure

<datetime, high, low, close, tick_volume>

in other words:

INPUT: {<datetime1, high1, low1, close1, tick_volume1>, <datetime2, high2, low2, close2, tick_volume2>, ..., <datetimeN, highN, lowN, closeN, tick_volumeN>}

OUTPUT: {value1, value2, ..., valueN}

I think it should not be too difficult for MT5 since it performs this kind of tasks all the time (but as far as I know from the ticks received from the server)

If it is not possible directly with some already implemented functión, is there some workaround to achieve that?

thanks in advance, Cyberglassed.

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