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how to del a file's content ?

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LEE Chun Wing
LEE Chun Wing  

I need to write a csv file , but i must clear the content which   run last time


i have find  the handbook of mql5, --> but i just can find FileDelete, not suitable~~

how to achieve it ?


Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov  

See File Opening Flags:

There are some specific features of work when you specify read and write flags:

  • If FILE_READ is specified, an attempt is made to open an existing file. If a file does not exist, file opening fails, a new file is not created.
  • FILE_READ|FILE_WRITE – a new file is created if the file with the specified name does not exist.
  • FILE_WRITE –  the file is created again with a zero suze.

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