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Expert Advisors: Simple Hedge Panel

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Automated-Trading 2013.08.02 19:22 

Simple Hedge Panel:

A panel for opening and closing positions on several financial symbols in one click.

Simple Hedge Panel

Author: Serhii Ivanenko

Gurmeet Budhraja
Gurmeet Budhraja 2013.08.11 23:01  
Do we have one for MT4 ? 
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2014.02.13 06:37  

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Expert Advisors: Triangle Hedge

newdigital, 2014.02.13 06:36

The “Hedging” Myth (based on dailyfx article)

Helping traders around the world means that I have seen many different methods to trade this market, both good and bad. One of the most damaging methods I’ve come across is the idea of ‘hedging’ a Forex trade by opening an opposing trade in the same currency pair and holding both long and short positions simultaneously. This not only incurs greater trade cost (by paying additional spread) but does not protect your position against additional losses.

Hedgers attempt to lock-in their profit or loss on a trade by opening an opposing trade, but if the spread widens, this negatively affects both sides of the trade. If the trader is over leveraged on these trades, a wider spread could incur a margin call and liquidate both positions. Worst of all, you would most likely be filled at the widened spread prices, adding insult to injury.
So now we know, hedging is not the proper way to secure a profit or a loss. Only the closing of a position can do that. Hedging also can be dangerous around widening spreads and can cause margin calls, so we need to limit the amount of leverage we are using to 10x or less.

Siti Latifah
Siti Latifah 2016.01.30 01:47  
where to download for mt4 format ?
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