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Massimiliano Pistagnesi
Massimiliano Pistagnesi 2013.07.20 22:09 

Hi there MQL5 community, first of all dont mind my english i hope itll be enough for you to undrstand the situation.

I need a complementary indicator to the RSI STRIKE custom one which u can find here

The idea is that this indicator gives good signals, but in flat market conditions arrows are repainting almost every candlestick and appearing on adjacent candlesticks... Why ? Because those candlestiks are close to the level of price that is the exact cross between those rsi periods. I need an indicator which plots on the screen the exact level of price that makes the condition RSI[first period]=RSI[second period] ( for example RSI 3 = RSI 4 ) for each candlestick, each period cross and for each price type ( close, open, high, low, median, tipycal, weighted close ... ). Also because open price data is already available, is it possible to calculate the above mentioned value for the adjacent candlestick when the current one is forming?

Is it possible? Is it a difficult task? What would be good payment and period inputs? Tnx for your time.

RSI Strike
RSI Strike
  • votes: 5
  • 2011.12.21
  • Matvievskiy Andrey
The indicator displays the crossing points of RSI (Relative Strength Index) indicators belonging to various periods.
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