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Importing a library via user external input - can it be done?? - page 2

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Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  
Hi 7bit,
I might have similar Q, but hard to tell.
I will have blocks of C code from a software that is subroutine call-able, up to 64 input parameters, no less than 2. I need an mq4 EA dll that will do this subroutine call upon the EA's command that will fetch the 1 or 0 answer. 
Hope you can help. 
I need the basic barebones of such so that my usual mql programmer can do the overall EA job. He is very proficient at mql for years, but knows not dll. 
You or anyone of this knowledge, please, important.
I'm willing to pay a fair fee for the complete mql-dll-C specifications that can instruct an mql programmer as to what to do.
Email me: batchj2011 at gmail dot com 

7bit was here 6 years ago, I doubt he will answer you.

You can hire a coder who knows DLL in the Freelance section.

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