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MetaTrader 4 Mobile Now Available for iPhone 5 and All iPad Models

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2013.07.10 09:53 

The new version 501 of MetaTrader 4 for iOS devices is now available. The key feature that has been added is native support for all iPad models (including the iPad with Retina display) and iPhone 5.

MetaTrader 4 Mobile Now Available for iPhone 5 and All iPad Models

In addition to native support for mobile devices, the new version of the application features an enhanced graphical system. It provides a better performance and improved functionality when working with charts. The new version also includes financial news and internal mailbox that allows traders to communicate with broker's representatives over a secure channel.

"When working on the new version, we were committed to providing compatibility with the new iPhone 5, - said Renat Fatkhullin, CEO of MetaQuotes Software Corp. - But what is most important is support for all iPad models anticipated by many traders. Moreover, the terminal for iPad has greater features than that for iPhone".

FeaturesMetaTrader 4 iPadMetaTrader 4 iPhone
Real-time quotes of financial instruments
Full-featured trading (all types of orders, execution modes, etc.)yesyes
Complete trading historyyes
Interactive and customizable chartsyes
Number of charts displayed simultaneously41
Number of technical indicators available3030
Number of timeframes99
Trade levels and volumes on the chartyes
One-click trading from the chartyes
Information window (positions, orders, news, etc.)yes

Differences in features available in MetaTrader 4 for iPad and iPhone

In general, the mobile terminal for iPhone has become even more convenient due to the improved graphical system. At the same time, apart from native support for devices with all resolutions, MetaTrader 4 iPad offers more opportunities for Forex trading.

  • new mobile terminals in the AppStore are offered as a single universal application, without a separate version for iPhone and for iPad. So whether you have a smartphone or a tablet, you need to download the same application that will automatically be installed on your device, offering the maximum range of features.
  • the upgrade is not available for iPhone 3G and older smartphones, though previous versions of MetaTrader 4 for iOS are still operable on these devices.

Download the new MetaTrader 4 for your iPhone or iPad to get the new trading opportunities!

Gurmeet Budhraja
Gurmeet Budhraja 2013.07.12 00:46  
i dont see any way to add indicators on iPad version, any reference doc on how to do so ? 
Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2013.07.12 11:08  
i dont see any way to add indicators on iPad version, any reference doc on how to do so ? 

Use the button :

Crazy 2014
Crazy 2014 2013.07.12 21:17  

It is nice.....But is there a chance for fast one click trading?

Open and close trades? 

Dua Yong Rew
Dua Yong Rew 2013.07.13 03:21  
when is custom indicator coming?
Step on New Rails: Custom Indicators in MQL5
Step on New Rails: Custom Indicators in MQL5
  • 2009.11.23
  • Андрей
I will not list all of the new possibilities and features of the new terminal and language. They are numerous, and some novelties are worth the discussion in a separate article. Also there is no code here, written with object-oriented programming, it is a too serous topic to be simply mentioned in a context as additional advantages for developers. In this article we will consider the indicators, their structure, drawing, types and their programming details, as compared to MQL4. I hope that this article will be useful both for beginners and experienced developers, maybe some of them will find something new.
Gurmeet Budhraja
Gurmeet Budhraja 2013.07.13 22:07  

Use the button :

Thank You
iatrochemist 2016.08.19 19:32  


I bought and Ipad pro and I installed Meta trader 4 on it.

I want to change the "Background color to black" but suhc an option is not available.

Default color for background is white and with white background many indicators  such as ichi mo ku can not be seen and totally its not usable with white background . 

please add a function to be able to change background color. Thnaks 

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