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blueriver 2013.06.26 07:15 


I wonder if one can help me as I received in my Demo version with Meta Trader 4 using Fx Choise automated trading Fx Striker Pro the - below error message and could not trade. 

 2013.06.26 04:46:34 ForexStrikerPro. EURUSD,M15: Error: Unable to retrieve authentication code

Maybe someone knows this ?  Please tell me how I can clear this problem - 

Many thanks in advance - Best wishes, Raymond / Switzerland / region Zurich



Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2013.06.26 07:55  

Hi blueriver,

This is Metatrader 5 forum (not MT4 sorry). Besides, he (the owner of this EA) is selling ForexStrikerPro for 147 dollars one copy? So, you can ask him for help. Because we in MT5 forum have nothing to do with him and his money sorry.

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