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EA lot size % changer with balance change

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i have Ea i wrote a EA and would like to add script to it so that i can input a % of the balance to use in buying lots.

So $1000 could have a lot size of 0.1 and then increase it to 0.2 when the balance is $2000 and between those amounts? but i would like to be able to change the settings of the %.

i have tried to add some code but it didnt work. could some one who knows what they are doing help?


This is what I use:

Extern double PercentRisked=2

double LotsBuy()
double StopLossBuyCalc =(Ask-BuyStop+(Ask-Bid)+SLFromFractal*Point)*(1/Point);
double RiskPercent = (PercentRisked*0.01);
double DollarsPerLot,FirstDollarsPerLot,SecondDollarsPerLot,BuyLots;

DollarsPerLot = (MarketInfo(Symbol(),MODE_TICKVALUE)*10);
BuyLots = NormalizeDouble(((AccountBalance()* RiskPercent)/(StopLossBuyCalc*0.1)/DollarsPerLot),2);
return (BuyLots);

//| Lot size computation.                                            |
double  LotSize(double SL_points, bool modifying = false) {
    /* This function computes the lot size for a trade.
     * Explicit inputs are SL relative to bid/ask (E.G. SL=30*points,) and if
     * returned lot size will be used in a new order or be used to modify an
     * pending order (trade count-1.) Implicit inputs are the MM mode, the MM
     * multiplier and currently filled or pending trade count (used to reduce
     * available balance.) Mode, multiplier, adjusted account balance determined
     * the maximum dollar risk allowed. StopLoss determines the maximum dollar
     * risk possible per lot. Lots=maxRisk/maxRiskPerLot
    double  ab  = AccountBalance();
    switch(MMMode_F0M1G2) {
    case MMMODE_FIXED:
        atRisk  = MMMultplier;
        // See Fallacies, Part 1: Money
        // Management is Secondary and Not Very Important.
        atRisk  = MathSqrt(MMMultplier * ab)/ab;    // % used/trade ~const.
        atRisk  = MathSqrt(MMMultplier * ab
                            * MathPow( 1 - atRisk, OrdersTotal()-modifying ));
        atRisk  = MMMultplier * ab
                            * MathPow(1 - MMMultplier, OrdersTotal()-modifying);
    double  maxLossPerLot   = SL_points/Point
                            * MarketInfo( Symbol(), MODE_TICKVALUE );
    // IBFX demo/mini       EURUSD TICKVALUE=0.1 MAXLOT=50 LOTSIZE=10,000
    // In tester I had a sale: open=1.35883 close=1.35736 (0.00147)
    // gain$=97.32/6.62 lots/147 points=$0.10/point or $1.00/pip.
    // IBFX demo/standard   EURUSD TICKVALUE=1.0 MAXLOT=50 LOTSIZE=100,000
    //                                  $1.00/point or $10.00/pip.
    double  LotStep = MarketInfo( Symbol(), MODE_LOTSTEP ),
    // atRisk / maxLossPerLot = number of lots wanted. Must be rounded/truncated
    // to nearest lotStep size.
    // However, the broker doesn't care about the atRisk/account balance. They
    // care about margin. margin used=lots used*marginPerLot and that must be
    // less than free margin available.
    marginFree   = AccountFreeMargin(),                     // Free Margin
    marginPerLot = MarketInfo( Symbol(), MODE_MARGINREQUIRED ),
    // So I use, the lesser of either.

    // I don't use MODE_MAXLOT as OpenNow handles that.
    size =  MathFloor(  MathMin ( marginFree / marginPerLot
                                , atRisk     / maxLossPerLot )
                        / LotStep )*LotStep;        // truncate
    if (size < MarketInfo( Symbol(), MODE_MINLOT )) {
        // Multiple orders -> no free margin -> LotSize(SL=4.1)=0
        // [risk=9.48USD/40.80, margin=10.62/1334.48, MMM=1x1, coat=0]
        //       0.23                  0.007
            "LotSize(SL=", DoubleToStr(SL_points/pips2dbl, Digits.pips), ")=",
            size, " [risk=",    atRisk, AccountCurrency(),  "/", maxLossPerLot,
                    ", margin=",    marginFree,             "/", marginPerLot,
                    ", MMM=",       MMMode_F0M1G2,          "x", MMMultplier,
                    ", coat=",      OrdersTotal(),  // Count Of active trades
                "]" );
        return(0.0);    // Risk limit.
    atRisk  = size * maxLossPerLot; // Export for Comment()
}   // LotSize


could you paste it in to my code and test it and repost it on here? or email it to me as i have no luck in adding it? please..

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