How do I open and close a trade at a specific price without Modify or Close functions


Hi Guys and Gals,

As questioned in the the subject header,

I'm battling to get a trade opened and closed during the current bar or any future bar.

What I'm trying to say is that without the current bar being closed I cant get the trade opened/closed and the price I want without using a ordermodify() or a orderclose().

A pending order won't work with the type of trade I intend to open because my intention is to open a Long as soon as a particular Short trade is open and visa versa and as I dont know what the price of the Short WILL be, a pending order I dont think will work.


Short trade opened at 1.6000 and I would like to open a Long at the same price but still within the current bar.

Your thought would be appreciated




As questioned in the the subject header...

Your question/problem is unclear. But regardless of the logic behind opening the trade, if u can't use a pending order, then the only alternative is a market order.