Analyzing Data - general concepts

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I have programmed in few OOP languages, so I have general knowledge on programming, but I just need some expert to clarify few things for me + some concepts.

1. I like the way ZigZag marks the points and let’s say I want to use it as base for two of my custom indicators (want to get ‘points’ from ZigZag). What would be the best way to do it? I thought about modifying Zigzag in a way so it will return array of ‘points’ and then I will reuse it in my another script, so maybe creating library with zigzag functionality would be nice .

2. My second concern is the range of data to analyze. Basically I’ll need two kinds of things. Both things will analyze the data + marking them on the chart, but they will have the different ranges.

a. (script as I understand it) which will be analyzing data ‘on the full range’ (from the beginning) to show some stats + mark specified occurrences on the chart.

b. (expert advisor as I understand it) Sth to analyze data on the fly data which will be analyzing data for current case (plus some period in the past) and mark possible occurrences

Both (2a, 2b) solutions do the same thing, so I need a way to reuse code (pass data to method or only range pram to script ).

3. How to get data for specified range? (ex. whole data - data from the beginning)

Please verify if my logic is correct. Please also post some code samples or links which may be helpful.

Hello panel

Look up iCustom(), designed for I/F to indicators...

1. ya... ZZ always sucks us in but beware: all that glistens not 24K. Look at M1 for a bit - notice how rightmost turn point can replot due to price retracing.

IF you take ZZ buy/sell sigs you gonna have more loss then you ever imagine.

The swings look great yes? However, from each turn point to the next at the other magically far away swing end, their will be many aborted turn points which occur in real time due to retracements.

Proof? do simple ind that plots eg, OBJ_ARROW object at each ZZ turnpoint. (use iCustom() to inspect the ZZ's high/low buffers and <>0 is going to be ZZ turn point)

This is good exercise for you and will demonstrate not only above but show you what is needed to use the system generally regards programming stuff.

2...n, Please do some self-learning, ok?

Looksee top all site pages - those links are your portals to various aspects of it all.

Use the top right search box also.


tbh, you really should learn to crawl prior messin with your 'ideas' cuz the term "can of worms" generated from poor foundations etc, springs to mind...



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