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how do i create the real macd indicator

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asdf 2009.01.13 07:42 

the macd come with mt4 only have 1 line and is useless so i want to create my own, the following rules are what i found from the internet

macd = 12 ema - 26 ema

signal = 9 ema of macd

histogram = macd - signal

can anybody help me to program this macd please, many thanx

Justin Abene
Justin Abene 2009.01.13 18:45  
I think MT4 comes with the MACD source code. If not Google "MT4 MACD source code" or "MQL4 MACD source code". It might also be in the code base of this site. Also when you google you might find one already built and free that suits your needs.
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