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Signal Test period

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Rafael Maia de Amorim
Rafael Maia de Amorim 2013.03.30 14:23 

Hello, my signal is still in trial period, but one month has passed from the first connection, what is the correct time?

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2013.03.30 14:37  

It is what I know from here Rules of Using the Signals Service

Free Signals become available for subscription immediately after being set up and successfully tested for possible connection to the trading account of the Signal.

Subscription to the Signal becomes available to Users one month after the beginning of the Monitoring, provided that:
  • at least 5 trades were executed during the qualification period;
  • Signal's trading account has experienced a drawdown of no more than 70% of the initial value;
  • Signal has been approved for subscription by the "Signals" service Administration.

Subscription will be activated automatically if all the above requirements have been met. 

gbemi1 AJAYI
gbemi1 AJAYI 2013.03.31 12:39  
What if 5 trades were not complete executed during the qualification period but later executed after the test peioud was over?
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