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Hi All,

I would like to ask someone to clarify me 3 basic things:

when MT4 executes a command: OrderSend() - is it waiting to get a confirmation from the market that the order has been confirmed / refused / requoted / etc., or it's going immedialtely to next command ?

how exactly should I deal with requotes in my EA ?

in manual trading when requote occures I (teoretically) have a moment to confirm requoting of the price.

in EA system sends me an error #138 and than what am I supposed to do ? is there any way to confirm the requoting procedure or should I send the same command with the same parameters again ?

it's seldom, but occures from time to time to get a busy context... but actually what does it mean ?

ERR_TRADE_CONTEXT_BUSY 146 Trade context is busy.

is there any way to check the context business prior to sending an ordersend() command ?

will marketinfo(symbol(), MODE_TRADEALLOWED) solve the problem with context ?

thank you in advance for prompt and professional answer,



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