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EA open new position whist Expert Advisors disabled

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Dan Wang
Dan Wang 2013.01.30 12:18 

Have a very frustrating probelm with my EA. It always opens 1 last buy or sell position when I disabled the Expert Advisors (Red and "x" apear instead of Smiley face along side the EA name on the top right hand coner of the chart) and remove the EA from the chart. Tried to disable Expert Advisors then close the chart without remove the EA or disable Expert Advisors then shut down the Client Terminal and next time when the terminal is on, (whilst Expert Advisors still disabled) it opens a buy or sell position again. Thought disable Expert Advisors is preventing any opening orders being sent by the EA to the trading server but where this new buy or sell positon come please? Anyboy can help here please?

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2013.01.30 12:30  
Do you use it on one computer? VPS? and check the trades using your home computer with EA enabled? In this case - yes. If EA is disabled or deattached from the chart so it will not open any trade ...
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