This forum needs a FAQ

It seems that many same questions surface regularly. Would maintainers of this forum create and collect such FAQs so that new comers should read the FAQ first before posting their questions?

One of such questions is:
Q: I want my indicator executed once for every bar, not for every tick arrival. How do I do that?
A: Use the following structure

datetime newBarTime;
int start() {
    if( Time[0] < newBarTime ) return(0);
    // ...
    // Do whatever you want with a new bar.
    // This will be executed once for each bar.
    // ...
    newBarTime = Time[0]+Period()*60;

Another one is something like:
Q: Does metatrader run on Linux platform?
A: Yes it is built for Windows and can be run on Linux using Wine emulator.

And I believe there are many other questions frequently arise.
how to know a pending order has been triggered?
Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov  

Rosh - I like the Russian forums very much as many informative articles...

However, xlat of Russian -> English via BabelFish (for example), can do it's best but as seen below the o/p is anything but clear and the reader conversant only in English [me, for one... :-(] is facing uphill task to decipher... I used: to xlat this page:

Result follows: (BTW - speaking of FAQ on the usual questions many ask, which I think would be great resource for all site users, I in my dumb way still cannot insert MQL4 code into a post like fireflies has done above. Is there help in using the forum/post entry/edit functionality to it's fullest????)