SetIndexStyle(2,DRAW_HISTOGRAM,0,5,Lime); DOES NOT work every time

Just wanted to make histogram solid..


5 gives a wide bar, so that solid impression is seen on chart.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not...ANY IDEAS...

void SetIndexStyle( int index, int type, int style=EMPTY, int width=EMPTY, color clr=CLR_NONE)
Sets the new type, style, width and color for a given indicator line.
index - Line index. Must lie between 0 and 7.
type - Shape style. Can be one of Drawing shape styles listed.
style - Drawing style. It is used for one-pixel thick lines. It can be one of the Drawing shape styles listed. EMPTY value means that the style will not be changed.
width - Line width. Valid values are: 1,2,3,4,5. EMPTY value means that width will not be changed.
clr - Line color. Empty value CLR_NONE means that the color will not be changed.
try to add line
#property indicator_width2 5