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Instance ID script for MT4/MT5 - script for MetaTrader 5

Stanislav Korotky

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2019.10.20 21:15
2019.10.20 21:21
instance.mq5 (2.53 KB)view

This script calculates and prints out the instance_id for MT4/MT5 installations.

The instance_id is used in the roaming folder names such as


Please, find more details here:

The original idea comes from the user JC, posted on the forum. Main changes are:

  • Built-in Unicode conversion using StringToShortArray (wide chars, 2 bytes); this should presumably support folder names with non-ASCII characters;
  • Built-in MD5 hashing using CryptEncode (CRYPT_HASH_MD5); this removes dependency from custom MD5 implementation;
The script prints current MetaTrader instance installation folder and corresponding instance_id in the experts log.

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