18 January 2020, 14:26
Ivan Butko

And so. A start has been made. The signal is open. The following text will be conducted chronology.

I remind you that the signal is professional manual trading, constant control over transactions, minimization of losses, constant increase of the account with partial withdrawal of profit. For every $ 2,000, the deal will increase by about 0.1 lot. At the initial stage, transactions will be opened in the region of 0.2 lots.

Trading on this signal is designed for a very long time.


Profit to all of us!

A little bit of trading, well, very conservative. Before the New Year is better without any risks. According to the account, the drawdown was just over 2%. As you noticed, the account has been increased to 1000, so it’s more convenient to calculate the lottery in transactions, and besides, I said that the account will be a thousand.

After New Year, we will start trading normally. The planned profit per month is at least 20%. Happy New Year, everyone)

Hello everybody. On Thursday, the trade came out quite calm. The drawdown at the moment did not exceed 2%. The increase in the account was about 5%, which is a very good result with a drawdown of less than 2%. Good luck to everyone and profit.

Trading started on December 26, 2019 is bearing fruit. As stipulated, the drawdown of the account is within normal limits and is being conducted conservatively. Who else doubts, doubts aside. The account will develop up to 10,000. This is the first goal. And then we'll see. Perhaps an increase in the size of the subscription to the signal, so while there is time, join!

Do not miss your chance for a stable income of at least 20% per month!

Hello everybody! Another week of trading has passed. There is one more week left until the end of the month. Minimum a monthly plan of 20% in percent has already been completed) The drawdown risks did not exceed (!) the maximum allowable values. The trading system makes good money, which I do.

If you want the same, join now!

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