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PivotPoints indicator calculates and displays monthly, weekly and daily support and resistance levels. It also warns when the price approaches the Pivot levels.

  • Pivot points are potential reversal levels used by banks and financial institutions.
  • They are the basis of most kinds of the technical analysis.

The indicator can calculate Pivot levels using the following methods:

  • Standard;
  • Camarilla;
  • Woodie;
  • De Mark.


  • РР - central Pivot level.
  • S - support level.
  • R - resistance level.


  1. Method - Pivot levels calculation method:
    • Standard;
    • Camarilla;
    • Woodie;
    • De Mark.
  2. Show monthly levels - show/hide monthly levels;
  3. Show weekly levels - show/hide weekly levels;
  4. Show daily levels - show/hide daily levels;
  5. The maximum number of bars - maximum number of bars in history the indicator levels are displayed for. The parameter is used to save computational resources. 0 - display for the entire history.
  6. Allow Alerts - allow audio notification.
  7. The name of the sound file - sound file name. Only WAV sound files are played. If the field is empty, standard indicator sound is played. The file should be located:
    • in terminal_directory\Sounds or its subdirectory.
    • in terminal_data_directory\MQL5\Files or its subdirectory.
  8. Offset point for Alerts, pips - activate the notification at a specified amount of points before the level is reached.
  9. Offset point for clearing Alerts, pips - "reset" the notification after a specified amount of points.
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Version 1.1 2016.04.01
- Optimized the indicator calculation. This allows to significantly improve the calculation speed and decrease the load on the terminal.
- Fixed bugs with the display of the indicator lines.
- Added a message window.