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HLH4 Breakout System

The main idea of this strategy is:

  1. Open a buy order if current price is above the Last high price of the previous bar (H4 time frame).
  2. Open a sell order if current price is below the Last low price of the previous bar (H4 time frame).
  3. Make a hedge order for all opened orders (martingale is not used by default).
  4. Profit Locking for closing all orders is used on this system (target profit in account currencies).

Here is a brief of expert advisor properties:

  • EA_Name = HLH4 BreakOut is a name of the EA.
  • Set_1 = --Main Order--
  • Magic_Number_Sell is a Magic number of the main sell order.
  • Magic_Number_Buy is a Magic number of the main buy order.
  • Max_Main_Order_Buy is a Max order of the main buy.
  • Max_Main_Order_Sell is a Max order of the main sell.
  • First_Lot is used for the first lot size of the main order (Bigger size implies higher risk).
  • MM_Risk is an auto lot size based on total orders and equity (always use default setting, or lower than default).
  • Set_2 = --Order step--
  • note_jeh = --All set in Points--
  • Step is an order step distance in points (1 pip = 10 points), use default 300 Points.
  • Set_3 = --Profit Target In Currencies--
  • Profit_Target is a profit target in account currencies for closing all orders.

This EA has trailingstop option too on parameter.

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Version 76.0 2016.01.07
Version 76.0
1. All parameters of the version 51.7 have been left intact.
2. Added the new parameter "Auto Cut Lost", default is 80 in percent, that means if your current balance is lost 80%, the EA will close all opened orders automatically and system will reset before opening a new first order.
3. Bug fixes.
Version 51.7 2015.02.24
1. Removed ineffective trailing stop function.
2. Removed ordinary closing of all orders.
3. CloseBy function is the only one that can close all orders (faster).
4. Added Order Lock Profit target.
5. Added Max safety lot size by balance.
6. Added Max Opened order by EA depending on the max order allowed by a broker.
Version 41.7 2015.02.12
1. Added order close by function.
2. Fixed the script for closing all orders.