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Market Profile Demo

Market Profile is an amazing tool!

It is also known as Volume Profile.

With it you can identify regions of strong and weak negotiation, finding regions of accumulation (support and resistance), thus seeing the market with other eyes.

Instead of measuring each candle volume as default volume indicator does, the Market Profile measure the volume by price.

Paid version: https://www.mql5.com/pt/market/product/38938


  • From period - period to extractvolume data.
  • To period - period which will be showed the data.
  • Position - position on chart, left side or right side of window.
  • Precision - volume reading accuracy. Higher accuracy more CPU consumption.
  • Seconds to update data - seconds to update volume data. Scalpers must use 1-5 seconds. Swing traders 60-300 seconds.
  • Type - line or rectangle type.
  • Width - that is it :)
  • Size - that is it :)
  • Color - that is it :)
  • Fill with color - fill rectangles with color (off = borders only).
  • Behind candles - draw behind chart.

Any question or suggestion please contact us!


daltemapsi 2019.12.12 06:13 

I have been trading with great losses, can you please help me recover my loss, I see your live streaming which is really, really very good. Can you help me please?

stepherrens0 2019.10.01 11:15   

Gold is predicted to move up. But it will face many ups and down. Strongly based on certain news & analysis.

Version 2.2 2019.11.08
- Small improvement.
Version 2.1 2019.08.19
- Code improvement.
Version 2.0 2019.08.18
Version 2.0 totally rewritten from zero!
- More accurate volume data.
- Added option to have volume on left or right side of chart.
- Added line style.
Version 1.6 2019.06.27
- Small changes.
Version 1.5 2019.06.27
- Critical update: values are not updated (fixed).
- Added option to choose refresh rate in seconds.
- Added debug option.