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This advisor was created on the basis of the author’s strategy for trading in automatic and semi-automatic mode. Based on moving averages, RSI and candlestick combinations. The adviser is not tied to a terminal that is always on, you can freely interfere in its work - close deals, change TP and SL and perform other operations. Advisor can trade in both semi-automatic and automatic mode. For more stable results, I recommend using a semi-automatic mode - from time to time to monitor its results and intervene in its work, where necessary. Recommended timeframes for the work of the adviser M15-H1.

This EA is very easy to configure, below you can see its input parameters:
  • period_strategy - Period of the strategy for entering the trade (recommended values ​​are 6-12)
  • period_RSI- RSI period (recommended values ​​are 10-20)
  • lot - advisor trading lots - for automatic trading (200-400 $ for every 0.01) and (100-200 $ for every 0.01 in semi-automatic mode)
  • MaxOpenOrders - the maximum number of orders that can be opened simultaneously on one pair (recommended values ​​are 6-8)
  • TP - Take Profit
  • SL - Stop Loss
  • Magic - the magic of orders of this EA
kraster 2019.05.01 19:33 

Thanks, good EA. I would recommend you to develop some hedging strategies for exit from trades. In my opinion, it will be fantastic.