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Apogeum Hedging

Do not test Apogeum Hedging in the Strategy Tester! Metatrader4 Strategy Tester does not support multicurrency trading! Apogeum Hedging open trades by few currency pairs (BASKETS) and close all trrades at the same time when the Basket has reached the profit (summary profit for all trades in the basket)!

To test the advisor, use the MT5 version: More info >>

Apogeum Hedging is a fully automated, multi-currency Hedging type system. The system is based on the principles of Price Action, which are a signal for opening trades.

Apogeum Hedging conducts multi-currency trading, opening a basket of deals along a trend for several currency pairs simultaneously (if there is a signal for each pair), and closing of deals occurs according to the total profit of the basket when the total average profit of transactions reaches the specified value. Usually a basket consists of 3 currency pairs.

IMPORTANT! Apogeum Hedging is designed to work on the H1 timeframe. The system can be installed on a chart of any currency pair - trading will be conducted only for those pairs that are specified in the settings!

Apogeum Hedging v.1.2 Presets you can download here >>

More info about the trading strategy are here >> 

Apogeum Hedging has a built-in protection system for the trading capital of a trader by closing deals when the total loss of the basket reaches the Max Drawdown level.

According to the results obtained when testing Apogeum Hedging, the maximum drawdown level since 2008, when using the standard lot of 0.01, is $1000, and the size of the equity drawdown is $1500.

For correct operation of the system, it is recommended to use a minimum account size of $3000. For large accounts it is recommended to use the lot step: 0.01 lot for $7500 - $10000.


  • Comment;             
  • Magic Number;                           
  • Lot Size;
  • Per Balace – Autolot calculation (0 to disable): If your account balance 10000, you setup Lot Size = 0.01  and Per Balance = 5000, system will open trades with the size 0.02
  • Currency Pairs – Currency pairs at the basket;
  • Symbol Prefix;
  • Symbol Suffix;
  • Trend Direction – Trend direction for Basket;
  • Size of Trading Zone (pips);
  • Max Number of trades in Zone;
  • Take Profit Level to close Basket – Average profit of all trades at the basket to fix profit (pips);
  • Max Profit – Max Size of Profit to close basket;
  • Max Drawdown – Max of Drawdown to fix a loss;
  • Max ATR Period;
  • Number of Bars to count Max ATR;
  • Max ATR volatility multiplier;                 
  • StdDev Period – Period of Standard Deviation indicator;
  • ATR Period;
  • RSI Period;
  • RSI Level;                         

Katy Kan
Katy Kan 2019.06.11 01:07 

I am using Apogeum Hedging for few months. Good conservative EA, which is making not many trades, but most of them are profitable. I have combinated it with Ivan's Smart Grid Challenge and I am fully satisfied with the results.

Александр Момот
Александр Момот 2019.04.06 15:43 

So good, so far! Very interesting system!

topsecret2102 2019.03.29 16:23 

It is very difficult to judge the system for the week of use, but the results at the moment speak for themselves. Apogeum Hedging has already paid for the cost of its purchase. This is confirmed by the monitoring of Ivan. In a market where no other system is working, a non-standard approach is needed. Apogeum Hedging is such a system with a non-standard approach.

As always, 5 stars for the product of Ivan! I use many of his systems. Some of them stopped, because there is nothing eternal. But I am sure that Apogeum Hedging is a system that will show the same results in the future.

Version 1.2 2019.04.27
- Reoptimized presets;
- New currrency pairs are available;
Version 1.1 2019.04.04
- Updated trading strategy;