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Ultra Arrows Scalper

Ultra Arrows Scalper indicator for effective profit trading in binary options and forex
----------- complete lack of redrawing -----------.
  •  The arrow appears with the opening of the candle and indicates the direction of the next candle and the possible direction of the trend in the future.
  •  The percentage of correct indicator predictions is from 70%.
  •  its benefits:
  • accuracy of signals.
  •  complete lack of redrawing.
  •  You can choose absolutely any tool.
  •  The indicator will provide many profitable and accurate signals.
  •  You do not need to pile on a lively chart with various indicators that contradict each other, or build patterns.
  •  It is recommended to open transactions from 1 to 2 candles.
  •  Pros indicator:
     1. forward signals.
     2. high accuracy of the reports.
     3. frequency of appearance of signals.
     1. false signals about 30% of 100%.

hsok1 2019.04.01 09:43 

Работаю с индикатором не долго но впечатление уже отличное!!!! Рекомендую... только не забывайте слепо верить нельзя используйте фильтры... Очень хорошо работает по тренду... Но местами дает хорошие сигналы при выходе из зон перекупа и перепрода... Сигналы хорошие... Оценка ОТЛ...

К стати ребята очень хорошо работают по поддержке продуктов реагируют быстро, исправляют при необходимости любые недочеты!!!!

Version 5.83 2019.04.09
new ideal version
Version 5.38 2019.03.26
Changed the algorithm for calculating the added volume. Reconfigured: Accuracy of signals is now over 80%
Version 4.38 2018.12.25
a new version of the best optimized corrected problems with the output of signals added the ability to customize
Version 3.888 2018.12.18
This version is more stable and more finely tuned.
Version 1.888 2018.12.14
The new version eliminates all warnings. The indicator is now perfect.