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Setslav Metals S1 XauUsd XagUsd

More details about last updating here: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/721808

Setslav_Metals_S1_XAUUSD-XAGUSD-EURCAD is an Expert Advisor for trading metals, developed specifically for working on real accounts, which does not require any strict conditions or a specific broker. It works under any market conditions:

  • not sensitive to slippage;
  • not sensitive to spread expansion;
  • easily manages intraday fluctuations;
  • easily sustains small gaps.

The Setslav_Metals_S1_XAUUSD-XAGUSD-EURCAD operation is based on four strategies (rebound - rollback) for each instrument independent of each other. Each strategy is based on three indicators + mathematical calculations and technical analysis on a separate timeframe. All parameters can be optimized for any trading style. The EA may open multiple positions based on a single strategy. The number of opened orders can be selected in the parameters.

Additionally, Setslav_Metals_S1_XAUUSD-XAGUSD-EURCAD is able to trade in different trading styles, which allows for full diversification of risks. All buyers will be provided with a number of set files for trading in 5 different styles:

  • Project-1.set: - conservative (short-term, intraday) style. An individual stop loss is used for each order, and the profit is summed up for each strategy. There are no more than 2 orders for one trading strategy.
  • Project-2.set: - mixed style, which includes both intraday and long-term trading. A common stop loss and total profit for all orders of one instrument is used. The Loss / Profit ratio is 1.6, with the default settings of this project, the loss will be fixed upon reaching: -4.8% from the deposit on all orders of one strategy, the profit will be fixed on reaching: + 3% from the deposit on all orders of one strategy. This project uses a sophisticated setting using TrailingStop, opening orders in the positive zone, opening orders in the negative zone, step, time between orders. The advantage of this style is that even unprofitable positions on the strategy can be compensated by a series of profitable orders opened at another time.
  • Project-3.set: - exclusive style where all couples used in trade interact. When taking profit / loss, all open orders for each currency pair are taken into account.
  • Project-4.set: - trend (long-term) style. This style is designed for fixing large profits in the trend movement of the traded instrument. The level of profit taking is increased by 3 times. The stop-loss level for each order is individual (separate), with a risk of about 3.5% of the deposit, and the profit is summed up for each strategy.
  • Project-5.set: - short term style. A common stop loss and total profit for all orders of one instrument is used. The Loss / Profit ratio is 10.0, with the default settings of this project, the loss will be fixed upon reaching: -6% of the deposit on all orders of one strategy, profit: + 0.6%.

In essence, you get 5, absolutely different experts trading in different styles. And this is not the limit! You can choose the settings that suit you, and create your own style (unlike the others). Setslav_Metals_S1_XAUUSD-XAGUSD-EURCADmakes it very easy.

VERY IMPORTANT! If your broker uses a suffix or a prefix in the quotes, for example the EURCAD pair looks like this:

  • EURCADpro

then adjust the settings of the adviser in accordance with your broker, the parameters to change:

  • Symbol_1
  • Symbol_2
  • Symbol_3

Instruments used in trading:

  • XAU/USD (Gold Spot)
  • XAG/USD (Silver Spot)

Timeframe: M30

Very important! Run the EA on one chart only (either XAUUSD or XAGUSD or EURCAD), trading will be performed on three pairs simultaneously, independently of each other.

Disable the panel to accelerate a test. To do this, set Use_Panel to false.

williamhui 2018.05.08 16:23   

Testing now and will update once I have the testing result

Version 4.2 2018.10.28
1. Adapted the function of calculating the lot when using non-standard currencies of deposits.
2. Updated the settings of the following styles:
..... Project-1.set
..... Project 2.set
..... Project 3.set
..... Project 5.set
3. The information panel now displays the name of the settings (.set) used in trading.
4. Improved the function of closing all positions used in the Project-3.set style.
Version 4.1 2018.10.11
More details about this update here: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/721808

1. Added 3rd symbol EUR-CAD, for bigger diversification of risks, and now trade will depends not only on metals.
2. Improved trading styles Project-2, Project-3 and Project-5.
3. Added new parameters (used in Project-3.set):
..........Use_GLOBAL_Closing - use the function of closing all orders of all pairs used in trading.
..........GLOBAL_Stop - loss value (in % of the deposit).
..........GLOBAL_Profit - profit value (in % of the deposit).

PLUS (+) Project-3.set now has an exclusive, individual style (and not just an increase in risk compared to Project-1, as before). The algorithm is built on the interaction of all pairs, all strategies of this robot. That is, during trading all 12 strategies are analyzed for 3 currency pairs and the total level of profit and stop is used. No matter how many positions will be open - stop / profit is one for all. Attention, this project is not possible to test in the tester, because the tester will show the results for only one pair (4 strategies), while in real trading even loss orders for several currency pairs can be offset by the profit of the other pair.
Version 3.0 2018.04.20
This is a large-scale and ambitious update. In the next few days, similar update will be implemented in all experts of the Setslav series.
A unique smart technique was used for optimizing the trading algorithm, which took into account many factors such as:

.....the behavior of the specific trade instrument
.....the maximum possible daily fluctuations
.....the size of possible spread expansion
.....the size of a possible gap
.....all phases of the market: flat, trend, fluctuations

The uniqueness of optimization also lies in the fact that the system gives positive results beyond the optimization period - before and after. For example, if optimization was performed in the period 2015-2016, then the EA should show positive dynamics in both 2013-2014 and 2017-2018 periods. Only then the trading algorithm and settings are considered to be optimal.

Also, new features:

1. Fixed an error in setting SL and TP for some brokers if StopLevel was calculated incorrectly.
2. Improved the information panel. Now it shows the lot size for opening positions on each instrument and the risk value.