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SRVector is an arrow indicator based on short-term support and resistance levels. The indicator provides signals using two market patterns (Signal 1 and Signal 2) that can be enabled or disabled in the input parameters. When a signal is triggered, a recommended StopLoss level is displayed that may follow the price (according to Trailing Stop principle).

Signal 1 is not recommended for use on timeframes higher than H1. Signal 2 is not recommended for use on timeframes lower than M15.

The indicator displays Signal 1 arrows at the opening of the current bar, while Signal 2 ones are displayed when the price crosses a support or resistance level.



  • Type Signals - select signals: both (All_Signals), only Signal 1 (Only_Signal_1) or only Signal 2 (Only_Signal_2);
  • Type message - notification type: Journal, EMail, MT_Mobile (mobile terminal) or MessageOFF (disabled);
  • Give sound signal - sound signal;
  • Give alert - alert.

The alert message contains a symbol, a signal direction (BUY/SELL) and recommended Stop Loss.

Signal 2 parameters

  • NumBar (Signal 2) - number of bars for SR levels breakthrough. Recommended range of values is 2-4. The higher the NumBar, the more frequent the signals;
  • OnlyTrend - filter for trading by trend. The presence of the trend is estimated by the last three SR levels;
  • WidthSR - minimum distance between SR levels in points.

Trading strategy

  • when trading, use Stop Loss specified by the indicator;
  • Take Profit is defined by a trader;
  • if the indicator stops displaying Stop Loss, while Take Profit is not reached yet, close the trade at the first profitable opening of the bar;
  • Trailing Stop should follow a trade along the indicator line;
  • do not enter the market against a trend. Open a position in the direction of a trend or during a flat movement.
Anton Tokarev
Anton Tokarev 2018.02.10 15:10 

Хорошая работа. Торгую на таймфрейме M30 по парам EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, параметры индюка оставил стандартные. Следую совету автора - не открываю сделок против тренда. Пять звезд.

Version 1.2 2018.04.12
1. Fixed the indicator logic concerning Signal 2 that caused re-drawing of a Stop Loss level on opening of a candle following the signal.
2. Fixed the indicator logic concerning the late entry 2 signal arrival (Signal 2).