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This multi-functional indicator is an oscillator (MAСD, Momentum, RSI, MFI) normalized for Bollinger Bands. The normalized overbought determines overbought and oversold areas more correctly. The oscillator can be displayed as a line, a histogram or a filled histogram. The upper and lower Bollinger Bands are configured independently (period and deviation). This indicator is used by the "Bollinger Bands strategy" Expert Advisor. It is provided to facilitate the visual selection of the parameters.
Bollinger Bands strategy   An EA to help traders using Bollinger Bands in trading provides an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness and optimize the three trading methods (strategies) described in John Bollinger’s book BOLLINGER ON BOLLINGER BANDS, with some additions.   I do not recommend using in the forex market. EA Parameters: Stop Loss, in pips Take Profit, in pips Trailing Stop Trailing Step Money management: Lot OR Risk Step trailing stop The value for "Money management" Deviation, in
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