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Price Increment

Price Increment is a simple but useful indicator. It displays the relative increment of the bar prices, simply put: the percentage change in the price on a certain bar.

The indicator is designed as a histogram, where the green columns indicate a growth in the price, while the red ones show a decline. The increment can be calculated using 2 methods: as a conventional percentage increment, or logarithmic one. Due to this, the indicator is fairly simple and has only 1 input parameter, where the calculation method is selected.

The indicator is used mainly for CFD contracts in order to make it easier to evaluate the profitability of the investments and possible risks, but there are certain strategies for currency pairs and metals. This tool is distributed free of charge, and it can become a useful addition to your portfolio.

peterborland 2017.04.21 01:13 


Alexandr Sebarow
Alexandr Sebarow 2017.03.29 06:36 

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omega6 2017.03.28 03:25 

Most traders ignoring, that marketmakers do not only work with how many pips the price will change, they work with percentage change too. So, good job Denis

Aliaksandr Salauyou
Aliaksandr Salauyou 2017.03.24 23:11 

I sometimes trade with CFD, and this indicator useful for me. 5 stars for free

Olga Miakhovich
Olga Miakhovich 2017.03.24 15:32 

Примитивно конечно, но бесплатно)