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ALT is a fully automated trading Expert Advisor designed for the EURUSD pair. It trades on the M15 timeframe (not tested on other timeframes or pairs). The trading volume used to open a position is defined by the Expert Advisor, it does not depend on the result of the previous trades.


  • The EA uses automated settings, no need to additionally tune it, except for the stop loss setting.
  • Resistant to a temporary loss of connection or a short-term computer shutdown. After starting the computer, the Expert Advisor will continue trading.
  • Always works only with its own orders, you can trade manually in parallel.

Trading Conditions

  • The required leverage value is 1:500.
  • The recommended minimum initial deposit is 1,000 (USD, EUR, RUB).


  • RiskDeposit - % of current deposit, it being lost the Stop Loss will trigger. "RiskDeposit" is set to 50% by default. The screenshot shows a chart with this value.
The ALT EA has been tested on the entire available period. The maximum drawdown in testing was 16.51 %, the absolute drawdown was 0.07%. All other information can be found on the screenshot or test the EA yourself.

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Version 3.0 2018.09.24
Оптиматизирован код советника под современные реалии рынка . Функционал не затронут.
Version 2.0 2016.11.22
1. Added a check of leverage, the required value is 1:500. If a different leverage value is used, a warning will be shown.
2. Now it is possible to configure the "RiskDeposit" parameter.
RiskDeposit - % of current deposit, it being lost the Stop Loss will trigger.

You have $3000 on your account. RiskDeposit - 40%.
If your deposit falls to 1800$ during trading, all the open positions of your EA will be automatically closed. After that the EA will resume operation in a normal mode.

P.S. The "RiskDeposit" value should be between 0 and 99.
If you enter a negative value, ALT will set RiskDeposit=0
If ou enter a value greater than 99, ALT will set RiskDeposit=99.
Default "RiskDeposit" = 50%.