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Strategy description:

  1. According to many indicators to find the turning point and open the first order.
  2. If the market goes against the first order, martingale rules are followed.

This EA is tested on real account for a long time and optimized for many scenarios, making the trading risk very low.

The EA automatically loads different parameters for different pairs. The optimized and verified pairs include:


The most significant character of this EA is the lowest risk, compared to other Martingale.


  • Target profit points per hand is configurable.
  • Minimum order opening interval is configurable.
  • Max order number for one series is configurable.
  • Five days of every week have different risk parameter configurable.
  • Support money management.
  • Support Start time and End time.
  • Support Account SL.


  • WinPoints: Target profit points per 0.01 hand. Bigger setting equal to more profit and high risk. On the contrary small profit and low risk.
  • MinIncPoints: Minimum order opening interval. The smaller the value, the greater the risk.
  • MaxLevel: Max order numbers of one order series.
  • Monday: Risk parameter for Monday. If the market risk is high, set this value bigger.
  • Tuesday: Risk parameter for Tuesday.
  • Wednesday: Risk parameter for Wednesday.
  • Thursday: Risk parameter for Thursday.
  • Friday: Risk parameter for Friday.
  • MoneyManage: Money management mode select. OneK: lot will increase one unit every $1000; TwoK: lot will increase one unit every $2000.
  • EnableBars:
    • True - Order opening is based on new bar of chart. Chart can be M1, M5, M15, which the risk diminishes.
    • False - Order opening is based on tick every time, high risk.
  • StartHour: EA start time of hour (MT4 time). If you want the EA run 24 hour, set StartHour=StartHour.
  • EndHour: EA stop time of hour (MT4 time). Note: an hour before this time the EA will stop open new series, and opened series will continue. All orders will be closed when EndHour arrives.
  • AccountSLPercent: Stop Loss percentage of your account. All orders would be closed when the loss of opened orders exceeds this value. For example, at AccountSLPercent=0.2, orders would be closed when you lose 20% of your account balance.
  • StopHourAfterSL: EA would stop work for StopHourAfterSL hours when Account SL happened.
  • TrailSLEnable: Trailing SL enable. True: the EA will start the trailing sl when order num equal or more than MaxLevel-2.
  • MAGICNUM: Magic number.


  1. It is suggeseted that set risk parameters for everyday according to the market news.
  2. Users need to understand the meaning and risk of each parameter, please read the above description.
  3. If you are familiar with the market and are able to assume greater risk, you can adjust the parameters.
  4. You can send me messages if you have any questions.
59071 2016.12.30 07:38 

你好 Cropper安装到我的MT4上 不交易呢 我没有更改Cropper参数 请问是怎么回事