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The market is constantly changing, and many Expert Advisors find it hard to adapt to the changes. The Dedal Expert Advisor can determine the optimal trading parameters on its own. It analyzes history and calculates what candlesticks, levels and indicator values provide better opportunities for opening a position. This allows the EA to longer maintain profits. However, not all parameters are optimized automatically. You should set the deviation of the indicator from its best value. Usually the larger deviation provides more trades, but with a reduced profitability. A too high profitability with very few trades is not the best option for real trading. My settings do not show strong profitability during tests, but they are more stable. You can monitor the EA operation on my account:


The EA does not use risky trading strategies, it always sets stop loss which it can later transfer to a small profit.


  • Lots - lot size (if Lots=0, then the lot will be calculated based on the percentage of account free margin);
  • Percentage of free money - the percentage of free margin to open each new trade (applicable when Lots=0);
  • MaxSpread - the maximum allowable spread to open trades (for floating-spread symbols, to avoid opening with a large spread);
  • Magic - a unique identifier (use different magic numbers if multiple Expert Advisors run in your terminal);
  • StopLoss - the Stop Loss order value;
  • TakeProfit - order closing price at a certain profit target;
  • Stop to breakeven after - move stop loss to breakeven after a certain number of points;
  • EnableAutoClose - enable automated closure of an order at a reverse signal;
  • History - the number of historic bars for the automated optimization of the Expert Advisor (max 5000);
  • TPRatio - take profit ratio for optimization;
  • SLRatio - stop loss ratio for optimization;
  • DeviationRSI - deviation of the RSI indicator from its best optimized value;
  • PeriodRSI - RSI indicator period;
  • DeviationAC - deviation of the Accelerator Oscillator indicator from its best optimized value;
  • DeviationAO - deviation of the Awesome Oscillator indicator from its best optimized value;
  • AnalysisDelay - a delay between automatic optimizations (with a lower delay, the automated optimization will be more frequent, but testing will be longer);
  • DeviationADX - deviation of the ADX indicator from its best optimized value;;
  • PeriodADX - ADX indicator period;
  • CandlesVolume - number of candlestick to compare the volume;
  • PeriodADX2 - period of the second ADX indicator;
  • MinLevelADX2 - minimal level of the second ADX indicator;
  • MinuteOpen - trade opening minute;
  • Trading start hour - trading start hour;
  • Trading end hour - trading end hour;
  • CountBuy - maximum number of Buy orders opened by the EA (with the same Magic);
  • CountSell - maximum number of Sell orders opened by the EA (with the same Magic);
  • ShowInfo - show info (testing is slower if it is on).


Before trading, test the EA on your account and optimize it. Use the history of quotes with the quality not lower than 90%. Please use from M15 or H4 timeframe. You can use any currency pairs, but the lower spread the better.

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