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Strategy Histogram

Strategy Histogram is a Lite Version of our product Strategy Improver, it means than this feature is totally included in our other indicator, which you can acquire in our products section.

With this indicator you can work easily with many different strategies using the standard indicators, to confirm your trades or open new orders.

The procedure is simple:

  • Select the strategies you want to use (and if desired, modify the internal parameters)
  • Check the distribution of bullish and bearish strategies

Main features of Strategy Histogram

The histogram shows the power of the trend according to the selected strategies, in other words, it shows the bullish and bearish nature of the standard indicators. The power of the trend can also provide you important information about the starting, consolidation or the ending of a trend.

For example: If you select 4 strategies, the histogram will show you how many strategies are bullish and how many are bearish. If 2 strategies are bullish and 2 strategies are bearish, the histogram will mark 0. If 3 strategies are bullish and 1 strategy is neutral, the histogram will mark +3.

The moving average of the histogram: This average line is included to avoid market noises, and to predict better the state of the market. This average line can be used like the moving average on MACD:

  1. When the average line changes zone, it means that the trend is probably changing; meanwhile, if the line remains under or above 0, the trend maintains.
  2. The crossover between the line and the histogram may be used for triggering new orders.

Lite Version

As commented before, this indicator is only a Lite Version of our indicator Strategy Improver, and its purpose is to allow you to test and play with some of the strategies included in the full indicator.

For this reason, this Lite Version only includes less than the half of the total available strategies, and it doesn't include the "Strategy Improver Zones" and the "Strategy Improver Expert Analysis".

Indicator Parameters

  • Strategies_Average_Period --> The moving average period used for the main line in the histogram.
  • Strategies_Average_Method --> The moving average method used for the main line in the histogram.
  • Each strategy can be selected true or false, depending on which strategies you want to use. Each strategy has his own periods and other additional parameters, according to the entries of the standard indicators.

Additional Notes

  • The description of the strategies can be intuited looking at the inputs. (For example, the Moving_Average Crossover, is the Strategy with 2 moving averages). For all the others which can't be easily intuited, some description will be provided in private message if desired.
  • If you are looking for another strategy which is not already operative, just send us a private message and we will update the Indicator with this additional feature.
  • We will keep adding new strategies and new features, so do not forget to update.
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Version 1.1 2016.07.14
Fixed Minor Bug: working on Demo Version